Tips and Tricks to Installing Site Amenities

With these tips and tricks, you can install your SRP site furnishings with ease! Please note, these are not complete instructions. Please refer to your assembly instructions packet for specific, detailed information.


Pre-Assembly Check

Before you start assembling, it’s important to check the shipment to make sure you have received all parts and hardware and verify that no damaged has occurred during transit.


Moving Equipment

Use care when assembling and moving equipment. Do not drag the equipment across any surface to avoid causing damage to the furniture. Lay down packing material or drop cloth on a smooth, flat surface to help protect your products.


Use a Level

A level will be your best friend! If used correctly during assembly instructions, this will help ensure your tables and benches are perfectly level.


Mounting Options

Site furnishings are typically available in three different mounting options: surface mount, in-ground mount, and portable. Portable furnishings are ready for use once assembled. Surface mount furnishings need to be secured to the ground with the appropriate hardware (not included or provided by Superior Recreational Products). In-ground mount furnishings need to be placed below ground within concrete footings.



Once your site furnishings are installed, it’s a good idea to spruce them up before usage begins. Use a sponge or soft cloth and a solution of mild detergent and water. You may also use a solution of 50/50 ratio of bleach and water if necessary. Be sure to NOT use solvent or petroleum-based products.


Hair Dryer to Smooth Dents

Here’s a great pro-tip! Use a hair dryer to smooth out any plastisol or PVC coating if it becomes dented. It’ll look good as new!

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