Socially-Distanced Outdoor Classrooms & Physical Distancing Solutions

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Easily Create Socially-Distanced Outdoor Classrooms with Our Outdoor Classroom Packages

We know keeping children, teenagers, and young adults attending school safe is everyone's number one priority. That's why we've curated a collection of our most popular products to create two outdoor classroom packages unlike any other.

COVID-19 Outdoor Classroom Ideas

So, what all was considered when designing these new outdoor classrooms?

  1. The 6' Rule: The tables and benches found within each of these packages are placed six feet apart, allowing you to keep students following the CDC's recommendation of staying six feet apart.
  2. The Summer Heat: Keep your students cool from the summer heat with a shade. We've selected a 30' x 20' hip shade to ensure both the tables and benches can remain six feet apart.
  3. Sanitation Stations: Help facilitate health and wellness by encouraging students to make use of outdoor sanitation stations (an outdoor hand sanitizer pump) before they enter and exit the outdoor classroom.
  4. Safety Shields: Purchase safety shield add-ons to create a clear, four-way tabletop barrier between students. Safety shield add-ons may allow you to maximize the number of students within your outdoor classroom, depending on your school's safety protocols. 

What all is included in the outdoor classroom packages?

  • 20' x 30' Hip Shade
  • Your Choice of Six 6' UltraLeisure® Rectangular Portable Tables OR Nine 6' UltraLeisure® Standard Benches without Backs
  • Sanitation Station
  • 32 Gallon Regal Standard Trash Receptacle

Physical Distancing Solutions

Help bring your community back together outdoors by utilizing our new outdoor accessories that are designed with physical distancing, health, and wellness in mind. Ask us about configuring any of our other products to help encourage physical distancing.

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