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Providing Tools to Simplify the Decision-Making Process

Buying the perfect piece of site furniture may seem like an easy task but you need a manufacturing partner you can trust who offers resources to make your job easier. We provide a variety of resources to help in the decision-making process — from how many tables will fit in my or my client's space to what colors should I choose? Join the thousands of customers across the United States who have chosen Superior Site Amenities as their site furnishing provider.  Visit our selection of site furnishings.

Discover Helpful Resources

Superior Site Amenities CADdetails

CADdetails Incorporate our outdoor furniture products into your plans quickly and easily by downloading our design files, including CAD files, 3D drawings, specifications, and more! Visit CADdetails. 

Superior Site Amenities Sketchfab

Sketchfab Incorporate our shade products into your designs with Sketchfab models. Our Sketchfab profile contains models for our most popular shade structures. Visit Sketchfab.

Site Amenities Color Schemes

360-Degree Viewer & Color Applier Can't decide what colors to use? Quicking browse through color schemes with our 360-degree shade view and color applier. Learn more.

How Many Tables Can I Fit

Space Planning Tool Ever wonder how many picnic tables will fit in a certain sized space? We've got you covered. Check out our easy space planner. Learn more.

We Offer Turn-Key Services

From product selection to installation, we're there for you and your client. We take the need for multiple contractors out of the equation.

Outdoor Furniture Inspirations
Check out our commercial outdoor furniture inspirations from projects all over the country, including projects at restaurants, parks, playgrounds, schools, and more.
View Our Catalog
View our digital catalog to see all our products — including tables, benches, trash receptacles, dog park products, and more — at your fingertips.

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