Park Benches: What to Consider

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Park benches are a decorative and useful addition to any outdoor area, whether it's outside your business or in a community area. Benches come in a wide array of designs to fit various spaces and needs. There are many considerations when looking into commercial benches for your space.

Add Function to an Outdoor Area

Benches give your customers or patrons a place to sit while they're waiting for someone, or just to relax and enjoy the outdoors. These products make a space more inviting and encourage people to congregate there. Add one to a bus stop, in front of your business or organization, and in downtown or public areas. They are perfect additions to areas where people do a lot of walking, such as an outdoor shopping center or a community garden.

You can also encourage people to enjoy outdoor scenery with a bench. Put one in front of a public lake so people can sit and enjoy the water views, add them throughout a park so people can sit and reflect in nature, and put one in front of a community sculpture or statue to help visitors enjoy it.

Advantages of Recycled Benches

Consider recycled benches to honor the outdoor area where your benches will sit. Site Amenities recycled benches are made of recycled plastic, so they are an environmentally friendly choice. Also, they are crafted with a strong and durable design that is proven to last, while also providing comfort and versatile seating choices.

How Long Do Park Benches Last?

The length of time a park bench will last depends on the materials and craftsmanship. Site Amenities makes benches that are designed to last with high-quality construction and durable materials like metal or recycled plastic. Our steel benches are also coated with thermoplastic PVC to protect them from outdoor elements and to help them last as long as possible.

Choose a Bench Type Based on the Space

Commercial benches come in different styles to fit a variety of locations. For example, you can put together geometric benches to fit around a tree or a community sculpture. You have many options when you want to add benches to your location. You can base your decision on function, the needs of the space and on aesthetic value. Site Amenities offers many park bench options to choose from to fit a variety of needs and locations. These include metal benches with or without backs, ones with or without arm rests, choices with straight edges or curved seating, and many more — plus, they come in different colors to fit the space. View our catalog below for more ideas!