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Fort Worth, TX

Superior Recreation supplied a range of metal park benches and metal picnic tables that could stand the test of time for ACH Child & Family Services in Fort Worth, Texas. Specially made to withstand constant use as well as exposure to the elements, our park benches for sale work beautifully in settings with high traffic and multiple users, as is the case at ACH.

What’s more, every inground park bench or picnic table we offer is designed to be comfortable enough for kids as well as adults. Thanks to the durability, comfort and attractive design of our entire product line, including our metal benches for sale, we’re pleased to be the park bench manufacturer ACH and other similar clients have chosen. For resilient, sturdy, high-quality recreational furniture that can enhance a site, come to SRP Site Amenities. Learn more about our custom benches and other products by browsing our catalog online.

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