Backed by over 30 years in the industry, Site Amenities has a long tradition of creating durable, comfortable and affordable outdoor furniture for a wide range of settings, from city parks to suburban community centers. Thanks to a large catalog of options that includes commercial-quality tables, benches, trash receptacles and more, we provide everything that’s needed to beautifully outfit a site. Our picnic table design and park bench design are specially tailored to the unique needs of high-traffic, high-use locations, able to withstand constant use and last for years to come. Our trash receptacles work perfectly at all kinds of park, camping and other locations. That’s why our products are a top choice of companies across the country — and you can see why for yourself when you implement our products at your location. Check out some of the examples of ways our outdoor furniture installation services have been used below and get inspired about adding value to your own site.

Site Amenities Products in Parks and Recreation Locations

From urban community parks to remote camping destinations, a wide range of parks and recreation settings are already benefiting from the high-quality, attractive, cost-effective outdoor furniture that Site Amenities provides. From placing custom, logo-enhanced benches at a hospital park to implementing waste receptacles at a camping site, when you choose products from our company, you choose products that blend functionality and style. Our products are available in numerous designs, making them easy to match to your location and other outdoor furniture. Take your pick of colors, styles, sizes and more. Site Amenities also provides plenty of specialty items, including camping amenities, bike rack design and other cycling options. Because of our focus on quality, ability to customize, and commitment to our clients, you can count on us for outdoor furniture that lasts.

About Site Amenities

A division of Superior Recreational Products, Site Amenities offers a full suite of outdoor site furnishings, designed to consistently exceed client expectations. We focus on outstanding craftsmanship for each of our more than 13 styles of tops and seats, including top-end options and more affordable economy models. Another defining factor of Site Amenities products is that in our catalog of over 1,000 items, we provide diverse color choices. Whether you want an outdoor furniture installation in bold blue, neutral tan or any other shade, we’re here to help. Just look at our previous installations for proof. Let us give you the distinctive look you’re after, along with the best prices in the industry. Contact us today to discuss possibilities for your park, community center, campsite or other location — and let’s get started outfitting your setting.