Benefits of Dog Parks in Communities

dog parks in housing and apartment communities

According to recent studies, over a third of all U.S. households have one or more dogs. Armed with this fact, community parks and recreation departments are becoming more likely to include dog parks than facilities such as splash play areas or golf courses. When making plans for your parks, it's important to weigh the benefits of community dog parks and the positive effect they can have for your community or neighborhood as a whole.

What are the benefits of dog parks?

  • Dog parks can act as a gathering spot for pet parents. They bring their pets to the park to get exercise and socialize with other pets. Dog owners do the same thing. While the dogs are playing, community members are more likely to form relationships, participate in conversation and exchange community information such as events, doctors, and veterinarians.
  • As leash laws continue to become increasingly restrictive, many community public leadership committees are seeing dog parks as a way to let dogs run free without penalty to pet owners or damage to private property. Dog parks also promote safety because the pet owners are not walking on busy streets.
  • Public dog parks allow dogs to get ample off-leash exercise and social activity with other dogs. When dogs get the adequate physical and mental exercise they need, humans are able to notice a decrease in the level of troublesome behavior from their dogs which will benefit society as well.

With a dog park, you'll have healthier pets and people to improve the quality of life in your town or neighborhood. Keep these benefits in mind as you plan the future of your park's facilities.

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